We specialize in custom quality wood floor service. We pride our selves in customer communication, capable craftsman, and value engineering. We walk you thru selecting a proper plan of action on restoring existing wood floors or choosing the correct wood floor for you. Each job will get a detail consultation of your wood floor project, on time scheduling plan, and a follow up acceptance interview. We will deliver a quality job every time.

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Who do we work for?

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We are a full service custom wood floor contractor with over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial applications.We work for the home owner on new floor fashions or insurance mediation / restoration projects. We work for developers of multi family housing projects of town home and high rise condo building like the Pearl district. We work thru out the Portland- Vancouver Metro area. We are open to suggestion on destinations. We continue to enjoy a repeat customer relationship taking us to new places.


Why hardwood floors?

For the dollar concerns,wood flooring is the only floor product in our area that will add value to the home.You will not recover the cost of installation of any other floor covering like a wood floor. The standard wood floor has been considered to be a hundred year lasting floor since our fathers were children. Well installed and well maintained a wood floor normally will need a refinishing in 10-20 years.This is all on your life style and how you understand the value you have. Your health will see benefits from your investments too.Dust, mold, mites and just plain dirt build up on carpets

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Procedural things to consider

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The process of new wood floors is broken up into phases. Removal of old covering, preparation of substrate, installation of new wood flooring, sand & finishing with curing times, clean up and acceptance. Some average time lines are as follows and vary to size and type of wood floor product.
Removal 1 to 2 days, installing new wood floors 2 to 4 days, sanding, finishing and curing 3 to 6 days, clean up and acceptance 1 to 2 days would complete the average residence.


Base boards, perimeter floor coverings and perpetration techniques

Base boards, base shoe will need to be removed for repairs and new installations. They should be off for staining, removing ridges or because the owner wants too. This activity has to be touched up by a painter or other finisher. The removal can have a minor impact to the walls and the touch up is outside the scope of our work. We will work to replace any base boards broken during handling as long as it is still available. Re installing existing base and shoe will have nail holes from previous work and may be stained. Carpet transitions will be released to prevent finish building on the fibers. They can pull fibers and we will be held harmless to its condition. Vinyl transitions will be taped off and or remove any metal transition. Dust control systems are all designed to reduce the amount of dust movement during the sanding process. Plastic enclosures systems take tape and support poles. The tape can have an effect on the surface it's applied to. Most of the time there is no effect on the surface. We are responsible of the dust, not the paint if it pulls. This is normally a sign of poorly prepped paint jobs. It is best to repaint after sanding and finishing a wood floor. We use all the latest technologies in Vacuum recovery, Barrier systems and collection practices.

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New floor care and maintenance

A new floor should be covered only for trade traffic that is needed for project competition. Two days cure time is normally ok. Cover first with RED Rosen paper taping only paper to paper. Never tape to the floor finish on new or old finishes. Then cover with Masonite/ hard board in any area that a worker may use. Keep in mind the any flooring that shows maybe fade or change in wood floor color due to exposure to light. Some woods will change more quickly than others. After completion clean with a vacuum trying not to rub or scratch the floor with any particulates. Vacuum only with a soft bristle attachment or a qualified wood floor devise. Spray on wood floor cleaner and dry with paddle mop. These kits are available in our show room as well as refills on cleaner. Old ideas about vinegar and water are ok for old wood floors, but a mild acid to new floors and will dull them over time. Too much cleaning can also be damaging. One of twice a week is normal for the spray and wipes routine. Address any spills immediately with a final rinse and dry. There are many things that will stain a wood floor, wine, felt pens, urine, and water to name a few. These things can all be repaired and refinished again in most situations. Come see us for cleaning kits, floor protection pads for your furniture. Please never use Murphy's Oil Soap or wax products to maintain your floor. This product will contaminate the wood fibers and inhibit refinishing success.

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