We will visit the project site and make written estimate and scope of work. At acceptance there is an agreement to complete and schedule to set. Customer to clear out the areas of work, removes wall hangings, and removes window coverings before our arrival. We will deliver materials for acclamation one to two weeks in advance. Mechanical heat systems must be on and above 68 degrees for several weeks before delivery. Moisture checks of the environment will be taken before delivery.
   Access you will need to consider. We will need a key and or garage code during all aspect of our work. We will install a key lock box to maintain security. The key is a must at all times to maintain competitive pricing and scheduled completions. Phone numbers of any and all parties evolved is a must for good communication of process. In most situations customers can use their home during installation and repairs. During the sanding and finishing process the owner will have to be out day one. The dust barriers must be unbroken to function correctly. There is a cure time of one to two days before returning. The factors are first odor, dry time of the products used; cleanup process and furniture repositioning are to be considered in your schedule.
   Power source we will need is 220 volt for big equipment and several 110 volt outlets for installation and finish sanding. Owner will provide ample lighting at all times. No temporary power pole connections will be accepted. No heater function will be accepted. Missing doors or windows will stop the project immediately.

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Timing of the project is an approximate. We are held harmless in over run of time due to acceptance issues and harmless to any extra charges incurred. Any staining job will receive a sample process for acceptance. This sample will slightly vary in the actual job site due to wood conditions in color, lighting, and craftsman physical limitations. Any unforeseen circumstances that change the scope and or the schedule will receive a priority to the best of our availability.
   Completion and acceptance will take an effort on the customer part to return and walk thru the project together. We will note any issues, resolve them promptly and return for signature of acceptance by the customer. All major construction takes follow thru and communication on the part of both customer and contractor. This is a friendly process and is industry standard in construction practices.
   Terms and billing will be written on ant and all agreements. Typical new floor agreement is 50% down and balance on completion / acceptance. Refinishes are 25% down on start day and balance on completion / acceptance. Normal invoices are to be paid in 7 days of acceptances and will receive interest charges after this time period of 1.5% per day. All Jobs will receive an "Intent to lien notices "that are required by law. This is for the protection of the customer as well as the contractor and is completed in the letter of the laws of the State of Oregon Contractor Board.

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We stand behind our work and we guaranty to meet or exceed the industry standards and practices for one year. We guaranty the lack of or excess of moisture will cause a floor to expand and contract. We guaranty that you will dent and scratch the floor eventually. We Guaranty that when we are completed with your wood floor you will love it. WE live on our quality of our work and love to get referrals.

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